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Corporate Network operates the leading professional network in Seoul where members can access critical insights while engaging in high-level networking with senior business leaders from some of the most important MNCs operating in North Asia. Bring the collective expertise of The Economist Group and other business leaders into your organisation to allow you to explore new ideas and create space for understanding how external factors will impact your business.

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June 26 – A closer look at Generation Z: how will tomorrow’s leaders do business?

Generation Z make up one-third of the world’s population and their income will reach more than one-fourth of the world income by 2031. Understanding the generation’s preference and motivations is critical for companies to hire young talents as employees and to develop marketing strategies targeting them as consumers.

June — Data science: Getting more value from digital marketing

Over the last decade many pending issues between the South Korean and Japanese governments have been caused by structural change and foreign policy failure. Korea-Japan relations hit a record low under the Moon Administration.  Now, President Yoon has positioned the improvement of diplomatic ties as one of the top priorities in his agenda.  How can Korea-Japan relations change and what are the implications for businesses?

July 12 — Supply chain reshuffling in the 2020s: the ‘friend-shoring’ experiment

As China’s self-imposed zero-covid restraint drags on, global players are shifting part of their logistics operations to other countries. “Trusted allies” of the US have been called to strengthen trade relations to shore up global supply chains, hampered by covid-19 and worsened by Russia’s war in Ukraine. How will such alliances reverberate in Japan? What lies in the balance for crucial commodities (e.g. semiconductors) and how will politicians respond?

July 20 – Health in the workplace: body and mind

Bosses see a lot less of their staff nowadays, especially from the chest down. Obesity, depression and alcohol intake spiked during covid-19, a trend likely to continue as remote working takes hold. HR surveys have limited ability to monitor mental health, let alone find the cause of why it falters. Physical checks are sporadic and confidential. What is the cost of a sick worker? What physical or mental checks are adequate before a new hire? Can your company confidently assess its staff’s health?

August 10 – Keeping a weather eye on the horizon: geopolitics’ impact on business

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and China’s military build-up, herald a new era of big-power rivalry, which directly affects large market economies, like Japan. As commercial partnerships (ASEAN-Japan, TPP11, TPP12, CPTPP), security alliances (QUAD) and mutual ministerial visits (think India) mount, Japan is in a unique position of vulnerability and expected regional leadership. What should CxOs do to ensure their business resilience amid geopolitical tensions? What are some companies already doing to protect their assets and workers?

September – Regional Strategic Forecast

Our twice-early look at the economic, political & business outlook for the year ahead.

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