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Corporate Network operates the leading professional network in Dubai where members can access critical insights while engaging in high-level networking with senior business leaders from some of the most important MNCs operating in the MENA region. Bring the collective expertise of The Economist Group and other business leaders into your organisation to allow you to explore new ideas and create space for understanding how external factors will impact your business.

Upcoming events

May — Talent: Gen Z and the four-day work week

Our EICN networks around the world will come together for this research-backed exploration of the global talent landscape, with a particular focus on the preferences and motivations of Gen Z. We will also examine how and why companies are experimenting with a four-day working week, and how it is affecting employee attraction, retention, workflows and productivity.

June — Regional Strategic Forecast

We will present EIU’s global and regional outlook for the first half of 2023 and beyond. We will also explore the outlook for global and regional supply chains, including the growth of “nearshoring” and “friend-shoring” as businesses build contingency into their supply chains at the expense of ultimate efficiency.

June — I need a dollar: the implications of an overvalued US currency

The US dollar is currently overvalued against the majority of the world’s major currencies, according to The Economist’s Big Mac Index. We will explore the implications of a strong US currency for the dollar-pegged countries of the Gulf Co-operation Council, as well as the implications of US monetary policy on regional economies.

July — CEO roundtable: thy kingdom come—exploring the risks and opportunities of doing business in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has ambitions to establish its capital, Riyadh, as the pre-eminent business hub in the Middle East. However, the country’s business, legal, regulatory and social environments often deter companies from making the move. At this event, we will explore EIU’s business environment and liveability scores for Saudi Arabia with business leaders who are considering making Riyadh their regional headquarters.

Meet our MENA director

Robert Willock is the Director of the Economist Corporate Network based in Dubai and covering the MENA region. Robert works closely with network members to help inform their business strategies through political, economic and operational insight and to connect them with their senior leadership peers. Robert is a business journalist, editor and publisher with nearly 25 years of experience covering a wide variety of sectors, including hospitality, retail, construction, energy and transport, and a particular interest in human capital management.

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