Develop rising leaders in your organisation

The EICN Regional Leaders Programme is a professional education solution to assist you with succession planning for your company’s future growth. Through this programme, rising leaders will come to understand the factors that directly affect business success and develop the analytical skills necessary to manage them.

Presenting to team

Why join the programme?

Drawing from the vast resources of The Economist Group, and using the unique expertise of our senior editors, we will expand the perspective of your employees and provide them with actionable insights on the most relevant issues for business. Our editors are constantly working with C-suite executives from the biggest and most innovative companies in the world, and the programme incorporates their inputs.

As the complexity of business increases and technology blurs the boundaries between countries and industries, we help executives develop the “peripheral vision” that senior leaders need so they can identify and respond to emerging threats and opportunities.

The programme will help to “internationalise” and expand the perspectives of rising regional leaders, allowing them to:

  • Articulate the broader business implications of function-specific activities
  • Draw from multiple styles of thinking to address business issues
  • Clarify and solve ill-defined problems

What to expect

We have organised a series of interactive virtual seminars to educate future leaders from diverse backgrounds, industries and functions. Accessing the vast repository of written analysis from The Economist newspaper and The EIU, as well as the “on-the-ground” insights gleaned from the Directors of the Economist Intelligence Corporate Network, we aim to help our students understand the world around them and how they can shape it.

The sessions will be delivered virtually once a month by the senior editors of The EIU. Each session will be 90 minutes long (30min presentation + 30min scenario exercise + 30min discussion). The classes will be live, not recorded. Each class session includes an interactive component, where students will work on problems in small groups before discussing their results in the larger group. 

The curriculum starts with a strategic overview, and then continues with eight sessions divided into four critical areas: Economics and finance; geopolitics; transformation; and resilience and sustainability.

Who should participate?

The Regional Leaders Programme is a pilot programme exclusively for existing EICN members. We are asking members to nominate up to two employees to join the programme.

The individuals who will get the most from this programme are C-1 level employees who report directly to a functional leader. Depending on the company’s structure, these could be part of a country or regional team.

Ideal candidates will have demonstrated strong performance in the past, the potential for future leadership, and the aspiration to assume a regional leadership role.

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If you would like to participate, please fill out the form below or reach out directly to your EICN Account Manager.