EICN Seoul – That’s K-showbusiness

By Jacco Zwetsloot, Seoul moderator

Thank you to all who joined us at our EICN April event at the Four Seasons Hotel seoul, where we discussed the new trends in korean entertainment, as the industry keeps growing in value and outreach.

Special thanks to our guest speakers: Fiona Jiyoung Bae (Founder & CEO of fionabae Ltd), Diane (Dohee) Kim (General Manager at Corporate Communication Center of SM Brand Marketing) and Diane Min (Head of Format Sales at CJ ENM) for their insights and in-depth discussion with Jacco Zwetsloot(Network Moderator, Seoul at EICN).

For those who missed it, here are some takeaways from the event:

  • The concept of globalisation may be part of the reason for South Korea’s entertainment industry’s continued success. Drama series and music that touch upon globally shared values and emotions broaden K-entertainment’s target audience to transcend borders and languages.
  • Korea’s passion for storytelling and putting a new spin on something already existing are key to the cross-border success of Korean designers, song writers, and series creators. The competitive environment that pushes Koreans to perform well domestically also drives them to compete in the global cultural market.
  • The prospects for continued flourishing of Korean cultural exports in the next few years looks good, as Koreans are quick to adapt new technologies and trends, and global interest in Korea beyond simply being a source of content is growing.
  • Being a woman in the K-entertainment industry is still tough because of the male-dominated culture and hierarchical structure of organisations. However, it does provide more opportunities to women than many other industries in Korea.

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