A covid-19 update: How far away are we from a new normal?

Almost two months after the first reported cluster of cases in Wuhan, the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) has continued to spread in China and throughout Asia, and is showing signs of local transmission in many countries in Asia. The massive lockdown of major hubs in China, travel restrictions, and quarantine measures have pushed back both the date and degree that normal business and production are able to resume in China. Join us for this special webinar from The Economist Corporate Network where we bring together specialists to discuss:

  • Has the coronavirus peaked? What are the expected duration and level of quarantining and other restrictions going forward?
  • How effective are the political and economic responses to the crisis?
  • What is the updated assessment of Covid-19’s business and industry impact, and what is the expected recovery time?

 This is the fourth in a series of special webinars from The Economist Corporate Network designed to help business leaders better understand and respond to the Covid-19 outbreak.


  • Chee Hew, Director of Data Analytics & Consulting, EIU Healthcare
  • Dan Wang, Analyst, EIU Access China
  • Professor Zhao Xiande, CEIBS

Moderated by

Rachel Morarjee, Beijing Director of The Economist Corporate Network