Asia Business Outlook 2022: Japan’s new capitalism policy

The Asia Business Outlook Survey is our annual survey of business dynamics in the Asia-Pacific region. The survey draws on the views and critical insights of over 500 business leaders at some of the world’s largest multinationals.During this event, our panellists will review the 2022 survey findings and consider how business leaders across sectors are positioning for 2022. Japan has a new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, and newly elected government. Kishida announced as one of his key economic policies the so called “new capitalism”, aiming to tackle economic stagnation and wide income inequality.Join us as we are discussing with experts and business leaders across sectors how these new economic policies will affect the economy in 2022 and beyond.


Yoshino Naoyuki

Professor Emeritus at Keio University (former Dean/CEO, ADBI)

Noriyuki Shikata

Cabinet Secretary for Public Affairs at Prime Minister’s Office of Japan

Andrijana Cvetkovikj

North Asia Director of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

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