Omicron in Asia: transitioning from pandemic to endemic

Omicron moves fast. That makes it difficult to contain – even for China, which tries to promptly stop any outbreak as part of its dynamic zero covid strategy. As Omicron spreads across Asian countries, it is adding uncertainty in markets already concerned about economic recovery, supply chain disruptions, and more. At the same time, public health is pushing forward new avenues for business growth in Asia, as government policies and consumer behaviours around Covid-19 not only reshape the healthcare infrastructure, but redirect entire economic sectors such as tourism and consumer retail trends. Healthcare innovation in Asia has accelerated on all fronts, with vaccinations being disseminated at rapid speed, medical supplies and equipment transforming public health, and closer cooperation between public health and business sectors becoming a new reality.

In this virtual event, we will consider what comes next in the ‘pandemic to endemic’ transition, learning from the experiences of the rest of the world as well as from public health and industry leaders in Asia.


Mattie Bekink

China Director of The Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

Amit Raheja

General Manager, Hong Kong at Johnson & Johnson (HK) Ltd

Ronald Whelan

Chief Commercial Officer at Discovery Health

Jian Chen

CEO of CreditWise Technology

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