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Corporate Network operates the leading professional network in Shanghai where members can access critical insights while engaging in high-level networking with senior business leaders from some of the most important MNCs operating in Greater China. Bring the collective expertise of The Economist Group and other business leaders into your organisation to allow you to explore new ideas and create space for understanding how external factors will impact your business.

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May — Finding new opportunities in China’s property sector

As the deleveraging trend of the real estate market continues, China’s is striving and struggling to achieve the soft landing of the property sector and transform towards a more sustainable growth model that relies on private consumption and innovation. Join us to consider what this means for China’s economy, the property, real estate, and construction sectors. We’ll also explore whether an emphasis on green construction and green buildings may be crucial not only to help China achieve its decarbonisation goals but also to unlock further growth.

May — Executive Insight Q2

Executive Insight is a quarterly summary filled with in-depth data and analysis relevant for our Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong networks, as well as an overall regional view to aid in your strategy planning. We’ve curated select Economist Intelligence content and added business insights to the analysis – to break down how they might affect your business.

June  — Global business in the era of digitalization

The outbreak of COVID-19, while causing substantial disruptions to business activities, has accelerated the process of digital transformation of the global economy in nearly every perspective, providing savvy solutions to obstacles and challenges brought about by an increasingly uncertain business environment. In the 14th five-year-plan, China set an ambitious goal for digitalization: the share of digital economy in GDP is expected to reach 10% by 2025. We’ll discuss new business opportunities that are likely to emerge during this speedy process of digitalization, and how digital transformation can help companies to stay resilient in a complex environment.

July — Driving the Future: Opportunities and Challenges in China’s NEV Industry

With a large passenger car market, a strong electrical vehicle battery industry, and increasing openness to new energy vehicles (NEVs) among both producers and consumers, China’s NEV industry is one of the most effervescent industries of China’s green transition. Several Chinese NEV brands have already taken leading positions on the global stage. Along with the tremendous opportunities for related industries, there are attendant challenges such as properly disposing of used batteries and supplying a sufficient amount of charging facilities. Join us to explore the opportunities and challenges in China’s vibrant and booming NEV industry.

August — China perception v China reality

Amid geopolitical tensions and restricted opportunities for travel and exchange, global business leaders in China can find it challenging to manage the disconnect between perceptions of China in headquarters and the reality here on the ground. Join us for a cocktail toasting the end of summer and consider the role we can all play in bridging the China gap.

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