Regional Strategic Forecast

Join global business leaders at the Regional Strategic Forecast (RSF), our flagship event series run by Economist Intelligence Corporate Network which assesses world economic outlook and forecasts by region. Examine critical insights into the global and regional business environment including political impact and explore the region’s economic forecast. 

Understand the geopolitical developments and other business environment factors affecting your business as you learn from the experience of other c-suite executives in your region. Get a regional and global outlook on economics and politics, presented by EIU editorial director, Simon Baptist, followed by a panel discussion tailored to each network city.

Beating the next recession

We are not yet in a global recession, but governments and businesses around the world are bracing against rising costs, wondering about the economic impact of higher interest rates and worried about slower growth. As the war in Ukraine and pandemic disruptions continue to wreak havoc on supply chains, talk of stagflation, or stagnation and inflation abounds. The picture is not entirely bleak, however. Unemployment levels across many economies are very low, some economies are set to grow fast and there remain opportunities for innovation regionally and globally, in areas like climate or digitalisation that can be drivers of corporate growth. 
Join us for the Regional Strategic Forecast where we will consider how companies can cut through the noise around the challenges of this moment, constructively think about risk resilience and stand up to the next recession. We will explore the factors contributing to a potential global recession—including interest rates, energy and commodity price volatility, supply shocks and geopolitics—and the factors that might save us from it in our regional economic outlook. Changing growth drivers amid shifting supply chains, capital flows and the role of China will also be on the agenda for regional insights. Against the backdrop of geopolitical challenges, the tension between the climate and energy crises, and the shifting geography of global business, join us to gain global insights on the crucial issues companies ought to watch and how to remain aware of current risks while seizing opportunities through our economic and political insights.

Schedule of events

Bring the RSF to your own audience

Custom briefings and presentations delivered through EIU’s Speaker Bureau provide organisations with an independent view on key political, economic and policy issues. Book the EIU’s chief economist, Simon Baptist, to deliver his regional strategic forecast keynote to your own internal stakeholders, corporate and gala events, conferences, off-sites and leadership forums.