Regional Strategic Forecast: Trade in transition

As Corporate Network’s flagship event series, the Regional Strategic Forecast (RSF) is an opportunity for business leaders to receive critical insights from the EIU’s latest analysis of the global economy and key economic forecasts. These critical insights can help you to mitigate risk and plan for growth, all while learning and networking with other business leaders across industries.

Understand the geopolitical developments and other business environment factors affecting your business during a keynote from EIU’s global chief economist and editorial director, Dr Simon Baptist. Following his presentation there will be a panel discussion with some of the region’s most influential business executives to discuss their own experiences leading multinational organisations through such unprecedented disruption

About the event

This is a moment of transition for international trade and the global economy.

The US and Chinese economies, while both exhibiting unusually high volatility, hit a trough in the middle of 2023. Their volatility has had ripple effects around the rest of the world, and the shape of their recovery will be a major force in 2024. The return of industrial policy, ongoing escalation of China-US competition and the turning of the inflation cycle will shape the global economy in new ways, even as there are rising growth stars amongst both emerging and developed markets. Supply chain realignment has moved firmly out of the conference hall and boardroom and onto the ground: who are the winners and losers in the year ahead?

Meanwhile, the digital transition has shifted into a new gear with AI, and the green transition continues, but at a pace well below that which is necessary, and with critical mineral shortages looming. Asia is poised to be a bright spot for growth, even if China’s recovery has been more muted than hoped. And looking ahead to 2024, we expect to see continued improvement in most markets.

While south-East Asia will lead the acceleration in Asia, there will be places in the rest of the world that will show larger increases in business opportunity in 2024. Companies are assessing these developments and the new geography of global business by focusing on risk resilience: we will share our views on the key financial and operational surprises to watch out for.

In this programme, we will:

  • Present our latest analysis of the global and Asian economies and look ahead to 2024
  • Discuss implications of continued inflation, cost of living crises, energy security concerns, supply chain transformations, and more
  • The return of industrial policy and it’s impact on business operations
  • Unpack how companies can navigate through geopolitical influences on business
  • Consider how companies can manage risk, remain resilient, and unlock opportunities


Dr Simon Baptist

Global Chief Economist & Editorial Director of The Economist Intelligence Unit

Sumana Rajarethnam

Director, South-East Asia of Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

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Raffles Hotel Singapore

1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673

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08:30 – 09:00 – Opening presentation

09:00 – 09:45 – Panel discussion

09:45 – 10:00 – Q&A and networking

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