Powering the future: Energy security amid an energy transition

China is in the midst of an energy transition. Between the current climate crisis, war in Ukraine, skyrocketing oil prices and energy supply disruptions, energy security and its impact on operational risks is now top of mind for business leaders across the world. Join the Economist Intelligence Corporate Network for an exclusive virtual event in which we will examine the implications of these threats to our energy supply, what the future mix of energy sources will be for China and the world, and how businesses can mitigate energy supply risks.

About the event

In the midst of an energy transition

Global fossil fuel producers are in ongoing conversations with renewables producers as an increasing number of businesses are participating in the climate conversation. As if the climate crisis were not enough, though, the war in Ukraine has thrust the question of powering the future squarely into the spotlight. As China moves towards peak emissions in 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060, many stakeholders are engaged. Even with the right intentions, the power shortages and price shocks of late 2021 illustrate that the process may not always be smooth.

The discussions at the recently concluded lianghui suggest that China will downplay its long-term goals for carbon emissions and energy saving as policymakers immediately prioritise energy and supply chain security. Security has become a global buzzword as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine revived a conversation about energy security and caused a tremendous surge in the price of Brent crude oil (and other commodities). Join us to consider the implications of the current crisis for the global climate change agenda, what the future mix of energy sources will be for China and the world, and how we will get there.


Vijay Vaitheeswaran

Global Energy & Climate Innovation Editor at The Economist

Mattie Bekink

China Director of The Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

Fernando Vallina

Chairman, ExxonMobil (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

William Fu

China Country President and Chief Representative at Anglo American

William Zhao

China Country Chair of TotalEnergies SE; Managing Director of TotalEnergies E&P China


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