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Leading from a distance

Even in places where Covid-19 may be acceptably contained, the pandemic has impacted the world of work, perhaps fundamentally. The rapid introduction of various models of working-from-home and hybrid arrangements created disruptions in the workplace, but also provided useful lessons that companies can incorporate as they emerge from this challenging period. Join us on 28 October as our panel of experts explores these lessons.

28 October 2021 from 12:30pm until 2pm GMT +8

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On 28 October, we will host a virtual session to examine the results of our survey and the implications for businesses in the region. Rather than just focusing on challenges, we will also explore the opportunities created by new ways of working, and examine the lessons companies have learned that can help others who seek to make sense of the uncertain environment ahead. Following the presentation of our survey results, our panel of leadership experts will help us unpack the most valuable lessons that businesses can use going forward. In particular, we will explore

To gauge the potential impact over the medium term, we conducted a survey of senior leaders this fall to shed light on how their current- and post-pandemic outlook is testing, and even changing, their approach to leading. We sought to better understand the critical skills and attributes for individual leaders, and for their broader organisational cultures, to thrive in a “distance-as-usual” context.

– the challenges of having a workforce made up of those who can work remotely and those who cannot
– opportunities for greater workforce diversity that a remote style offers
– questions around key leadership functions such as inclusion, performance management, and career development
– examples from sectors with a long history of leading from a distance – what works, and what doesn’t


Maya Hari

Former Managing Director for APAC and VP, Global Strategy, at Twitter

Micah Shepard

President of Automotive Aftermarket AP/subregional SEA/P at Schaeffler

Doris Sohmen-Pao

Chief Executive Officer at Human Capital Leadership Institute

Dr William Thomas

Director, South-east Asia at Economist Intelligence Corporate Network


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