CFO Foresight Network

The CFO Foresight network is the leading senior corporate cross-industry community, enabling members to develop new relationships and to share ideas and problem solve in a closed-door setting. Leveraging Corporate Network’s global connections and our extensive network, we provide a platform for Finance Officers to to exchange experiences and insights, to strengthen and develop participants strategic skills and deepen their understanding of the impact of external drivers.

Bring the outside into your organisation

By helping you to grow your own network, Corporate Network brings the outside into your organisation, to explore new ideas and to create space for thinking about how the world outside will impact your business.

Meeting virtually 6 times a year and twice in person, the CFO Foresight Network represents a confidential forum where all ideas and challenges can be discussed with peers at their own professional level in a confidential environment and facilitated by experts representing the Economist Group.

Combining the intellectual assets of The Economist Group, we are uniquely positioned to frame the conversation drawing upon the external drivers including the business and economic outlook, socio-political risks and labour market drivers. All of which have a direct effect on the officer’s own internal strategies and business direction. 

All discussions will be supported by a dedicated online community where participants will be able to engage directly with their peers and access the latest insights from The Economist Group.

Past events

Is data a tangible asset?

Today, the six biggest companies by market capitalisation are in the data technology business (Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Google, Microsoft and Facebook). These companies understand the true value of their data and leverage it with advanced analytics to drive growth. It is accepted that data is an intangible asset alongside such other commonly accepted non-physical assets like patent, copyrights, trademarks, customers list, brand names and logo. While data in recent years has proved to provide competitive advantage to many companies, it leaves many businesses questioning why it is not listed on the asset column of their balance sheets. During this event, Paul Adams, CEO of global intangible asset advisory Everedge, explored why data is an asset rather than a cost centre and how companies can convert data into value to drive increased performance.

Getting personal: How your role as a finance director will transform after covid-19

Never before have companies been so fundamentally disrupted, and in so many ways. Executives are now expected to be health and well-being experts, to stay on top of multiple economic scenarios while navigating a complex set of once-in-a-lifetime events, and to increasingly use and promote digital technologies—all while drastically decreasing costs. Finance directors are at the very heart of such efforts and will increasingly be expected to contribute more, but is it reasonable to stretch their role even further? How will finance directors and CFOs be affected as companies work to identify their priorities and move forward? What lessons have they learned during the last year and a half, and will these lessons be useful for navigating future challenges? Do we actually see the contours of a post-covid future for companies, or is crisis mode going to become our “new normal”? Guest speakers for this event included Anna Agafonova, CFO at SWIFT and Zafar Mahomed, CFO at Cell C.

Knowledge sharing session: Planning for the year ahead

During this event, members discussed the outlook for the next year and how their companies are planning for the future given the difficulty of navigating the pandemic uncertainties. As a keynote panelist, we hosted Mr Takayuki Morita, CFO of NEC Corporation, global leader in IT integration and network solutions.

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