How to manage your EICN membership with GlueUp


What information is shared about me in the Membership Directory by default?

Before you share your virtual business card with someone, the only information visible to them is your name, job title and company. They will also know if you are in the same city-based network by virtue of your visibility in your city’s Community group.

Can members send messages to each other directly without sharing e-cards?

Yes, they can but as a common courtesy we suggest you share your e-card before reaching out to another member. Alternatively, introducing yourself to someone at one of our in-person events before messaging them through GlueUp is also acceptable.

Can I opt-out of the Membership Directory and the Messaging feature?

Yes, once you’ve logged into your GlueUp account, visit the Settings page and you will be able to remove yourself from the Membership Directory and opt-out of receiving Direct Messages from other members.

What notifications will I receive via email?

The only email notifications you will receive are new event notices, registration confirmations, and meeting requests from other members. Direct message notifications and all other Community notifications will only be visible through either the mobile app or through the browser version of GlueUp.