The 20th party congress and the outlook for China

Economist Intelligence Corporate Network leverages the editorial rigour of The Economist Group to provide our members with critical insights on developing economic and geopolitical trends. In this special briefing prepared by the EIU Access China team, our analysts will explain the party congress outcomes and examine China’s policy priorities, growth outlook, and implications for business moving forward.

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The 20th party congress and the outlook for China

China has been the largest and most reliable source of growth for the last two decades, accounting for some 25% of global GDP growth during that time. The Chinese market has thus become consequential far beyond China. 2022 has been an economically complicated and politically consequential year for China. The 20th congress of the Chinese Communist Party recently concluded in Beijing. Considered the most important political event for China in decades, it affirmed that Mr Xi will remain in power for an unprecedented third term at a time when China is facing unprecedented challenges both internally and externally.

Even if China’s economy may have already bottomed out in the second quarter of this year, its recovery remains fragile and unbalanced. Mr Xi and his new leadership team composed of loyalists will need to shepherd China’s economy through a perfect storm of problems. The slump in the property market shows no signs of easing, global demand for Chinese goods is slowing, China’s zero-covid policy continues to dampen consumer and investor confidence, and the currency has been falling. In this session, we will consider the party congress outcomes and examine China’s policy priorities, growth outlook, and implications for business moving forward.

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