Covid-19 – from pandemic to endemic

The current dominant variant of the coronavirus, Omicron, is proving itself to be more infectious, but less deadly than the Alpha and Delta strains that preceded it. While infection rates are spiking again in parts of the world, hospitalisations and deaths from the virus are less common, at least in countries that have achieved high levels of effective vaccinations and/or natural immunity from infections. However, places that are still pursuing a zero-Covid approach remain trapped in a disruptive cycle of lockdowns and reopenings. Antiviral drugs also have an important part to play in the “return to normal”, and will help economies exit the pandemic phase of Covid-19 and move into an endemic phase, in which we can live with this disease as we do with seasonal influenza.For this event, we will bring together a range of senior speakers and panelists from the healthcare and wider business community to learn how they envisage the pandemic developing in Sub-Saharan Africa.Join us for this event as we explore:– Regional government policy response to Omicron and future virus mutations– The continued impact of Covid-19 to regional economic growth– How businesses will cope with Covid-19 infections among staff– How vaccination programmes are progressing in Africa– What role testing, mask-wearing, hygiene and social distancing might continue to play– Whether and when regional business travel and tourism will resume to pre-pandemic levels


Rob Willock giving a presentation

Robert Willock

MENA Director for Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

Sam Rolland

Africa Director for Economist Intelligence Corporate Network

John Jutzen

CEO of Kaelo Health

Oliver Serrão

Director of Strategy at Business Leadership South Africa


To be confirmed

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa


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